“Ask Dr. Church History” and “rate this”–new features on Grateful To the Dead

Well, time for this cobweb-covered historian to emerge into the fast lane of the blogging community (yeah, right). When you visit Grateful To the Dead now, you’ll see two new features. Check them out!

At the top of the main page you’ll see a tab for a new page: “Ask Dr. Church History.” That’s a place to ask me a question related to Christian history, and I’ll make something up try to answer accurately and helpfully. So if you have a question, click on that tab and post your question as a comment. I’m ready to give your questions my best shot. (Kids, don’t try this at home. I’m a professional.)

Also you’ll now see, at the top of each post, a “rate this” line. Feel free to ignore it. But if you want to register your vote on the quality/usefulness/awesomeness of a particular post, then just hover over the stars icon and you’ll see words pop up (from “excellent” down to “very poor”). When you see the word and number of stars you want, click. Voila! And this goes for old posts as well as new ones–so if you remember one that you particularly enjoyed or hated, let me know by searching on it and giving it a rating.

Well, there we go. I’ve entered the blog age with a vengeance. Look out, cyberworld. 🙂

One response to ““Ask Dr. Church History” and “rate this”–new features on Grateful To the Dead

  1. Chris,

    This is an interesting and innovative approach to blogging and making blogs a resource rather than someone’s memoirs. Thanks.


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