The theology of Jack Bauer and 24

Here, according to Huffington Post writer John Shore, is the theology (or more accurately, anthropology) of 24‘s Jack Bauer.

I’ll admit, I read this with only very partial knowledge of the series. Lo, these many years ago, during the show’s first season, I became addicted within a couple of episodes. Then I realized it keyed me up way too much and took me way too often to my “dark place,” and I quit watching.

But I think Shore may be on to something in this piece. What do you guys think?

4 responses to “The theology of Jack Bauer and 24

  1. Chris, I do have concern if Jack Bauer is every person’s hero as portraited by John Shore. That means that we all subscribe to relative moralism and that the ends always justifies the means, that violence always solve the problems and the best way to deal with bad guys is to shoot them.

    The series is rivetting and addictive. It is also about a psychopath who wears a badge.

  2. I’m actually going to be on a podcast tonight and they’re going to be talking about this! Funny huh. The details are here if anyone feels like joining the discussion.

  3. Stephy: Maybe the lesson there is that we Christians need to get off our heinies and walk the walk, instead of spending our time watching–then talking about–TV shows which, if you stand on your head and squint one eye, seem vaguely theological. 🙂

  4. Christians just looooove Lost and 24! They will not stop tweeting and facebooking about them.

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