Time magazine: How young evangelicals differ on social issues from older generations of evangelicals

One Time writer has described how young evangelicals differ from their parents and grandparents on social issues and compassionate ministry (h/t to Trevin Wax):

While their grandparents might have considered political and social engagement inappropriate and their parents may have spent their energies on culture-war issues such as abortion and school prayer, the members of the newest generation of Evangelicals are less interested in choosing sides. They focus on nonideological causes like fighting for clean water and poverty relief and fighting against sex trafficking.


When students at Wheaton and other Christian schools go on short-term missions during spring break or over the summer, they may expect to spend their time painting churches or handing out Bibles. But once on the ground, they’re faced with first-order problems like a lack of clean drinking water or safe housing, and they return with a sense of poverty’s scope that cannot be alleviated simply by prayer.

Read the full article at Time’s website. Does this ring true for you, dear readers?

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