Patron Saints narrated slideshow

Next month I’ll be teaching the Bethel Seminary course from which my book Patron Saints for Postmoderns was developed. In the past I’ve opened the course with an introductory talk accompanied by a fancy PowerPoint with lots of cool pictures. This year I figured out how to do the thing as an audio narrated PowerPoint and convert it into a slick Flash movie with user controls.

The talk includes the following:

–A rationale for studying Christian biographies

–What I mean by “saints” and why we should care

–How church history and biography got added to Protestant seminary curricula

–A bunch of vignettes of the figures in my book (and the course)

–Other incredibly fascinating stuff

The file is currently here. It should load in a browser window pretty quickly–then just hit “play” and you can pause, switch slides, etc., and hear my mellifluous voice and see the cool pictures. 🙂

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