Printing imminent! Watch for Christian History magazine issue #100

The forthcoming issue #100 of (the reborn) Christian History magazine, on the history of the King James Bible, will be at the printer soon. The mailing list for the issue is finalized. This means that the special offer previously linked at this page to get on the mailing list for this issue is now closed.

I will be posting another link shortly where you can register your name and address to receive future information about the magazine.

In the longer term, if you are interested in the magazine and want to follow it in future, you can do so at the following site, which will be up and running sometime in March:

I understand that over 1200 people signed up through the web link previously on this page to receive this special CH issue. Thank you, all, for your interest in the magazine. I hope that once people have received this issue, many will sign up to continue receiving the magazine, so we can continue this tremendous resource into the future.

6 responses to “Printing imminent! Watch for Christian History magazine issue #100

  1. I know I’m in Canada, and I did sign up for the ezine copy, but would someone please send a copy snail mail to me? PLEASE? I will reimburse postage.

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