Sneak peek: Christian History magazine reborn with special KJV anniversary issue

Well, it’s finally about to go to the printer, and within a month it will begin mailing. It’s the special 100th issue of Christian History magazine, reborn after a two-year hiatus. This one is on the King James Version of the Bible: all the personalities, intrigue, opposition, and finally unsurpassed worldwide success that played out in the history of this English masterwork.

I’ve learned a lot in editing this issue–not just about Bible translation, but also about the Puritan-Anglican brawls of the 17th-century, American literature, what happens when you translate ancient Hebrew expressions word-for-word into English, what was really up with the Gunpowder Plot, how the KJV over the years has been hampered by an entertaining array of printers’ errors (“Thou SHALT commit adultery”??), and, as they say, “much, much more.”

Along the way, I’ve gotten to learn from such luminaries as Alister McGrath, Mark Noll, and David Lyle Jeffrey (each of whom has an article in the issue). I’ve watched a couple of fascinating films. I’ve read through one of the most entertaining history books I’ve read in years: Adam Nicolson‘s God’s Secretaries.

Most meaningfully, I’ve gotten to realize the dream of the magazine’s founder, the late Dr. A. Kenneth (Ken) Curtis, to bring his favorite creation to life again. Although Ken passed during the process, I believe he is looking on with great relish to see how the thousands who will receive the magazine will enjoy this 100th issue of his brainchild.

Our team of editors, image researchers, writers, designers, and technical & support staff worked across five states (PA, MN, IL, KY, IN) to create a single issue of a magazine. But much more (and more time-consuming): we put in place all of the publication processes and protocols that will, we hope, allow the magazine to move forward through many more issues. Many questions remain about CH’s future, but we have made (please pardon the moment of pride) a brilliant beginning.

As I’ve said already on this blog, I will soon be posting a link where interested parties can sign up to receive the magazine in future (the mailing list is now closed for this issue–but talk to your local librarian and I think we could get a copy out to them!) and can also read web specials both from and beyond the magazine. Keep an eye out . . .

UPDATE: Want to get a copy of this issue, put yourself on the mailing list, or put your two cents in about the future of Christian History magazine? See this post.

9 responses to “Sneak peek: Christian History magazine reborn with special KJV anniversary issue

  1. I must have misplaced the application form to subscribe to the new issues of Christian History. How can I subscribe?

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  3. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading it, one way or another.

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