Your voice counts on the future of Christian History magazine

As most of you know, I’m once again involved in one of the best magazines out there: Christian History. Under recessionary pressures in 2008, the magazine, which had been published since 1989 by Christianity Today International, ceased publication. Now it has been picked up again by its founding organization, the Christian History Institute (CHI), out of Pennsylvania. I worked with CHI to put together a special “re-inaugural” issue on the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.

That magazine has now been printed, and you can see the whole thing in its glory as a pdf “flip-book” here: At that page you can also order your own printed copy, and most important, you can add your voice of support. Within the next 30 days, CHI will be deciding whether or not to continue the magazine as a print publication. The final decision will be based on responses from folks like you to the survey located on the website above under the sentence “Be a part of Christian History! Please take our brief survey.” Or you can just click here.

If you love this magazine and agree with me that it is an important resource for the church, then please act now!

One response to “Your voice counts on the future of Christian History magazine

  1. Hey Chris!
    Print it=}! Let me know if you ever want to do Henrietta Mears too=}

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