Stuff Chris Armstrong likes #2

A brief, clear-eyed analysis of “prophet” Harold Camping, linking him appropriately to his 19th-century equivalent, William Miller, and explaining why people believe this sort of end-of-time prognostication.

An explanation of, I kid you not, fracking. And if your geek quotient is high enough that you think immediately of the remake of Battlestar Galactica when you read that word, then you’re going to be way off.

A neat online “make-your-own-timeline” website, with an example of a church history timeline someone created on it.

A fascinating NYT article on the new boy genius of soccer–perhaps the best of his generation–including links to a couple of videos showing his ankle-breaking evasion maneuvers and unerring striking technique.

An article from a month ago that Miami Heat fans ought to be reading. Be afraid, Heat fans, be very afraid. Despite your success in game 3, despite your 2-1 series lead, the Bulls are poised to put you in a world of hurt . . . and then to move on to the NBA title.

One response to “Stuff Chris Armstrong likes #2

  1. Yeah. Eating crow on that Bulls-Heat prediction . . . Now it’s up to the Mavs to avert the orgy of self-congratulation that would result from a Heat championship: “Help us, Obi-Wan Novitski! You’re our only hope!”

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