New from Christian History magazine: The history of hell

The editorial team at Christian History magazine is working away on our Issue #101 on Healthcare and Hospitals in the Mission of the Church, which will release this fall.

Meanwhile, project editor Jennifer Trafton and a writing team including myself, Jennifer and Edwin Woodruff Tait, and Jennifer Trafton have finished work on “The history of hell: A brief history and resource guide.” You can check it out here.

5 responses to “New from Christian History magazine: The history of hell

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  2. I received my copy in the mail a couple of weeks ago and promptly read the whole booklet. Thanks for making it available online; I’ve alerted others to the link you’ve provided.

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  4. Looking forward to your issue of healthcare and hospitals. I still remember the mission hospitals in Southern Thailand.

  5. Thanks for an excellent resource. I’ve published the link to my blog and blasted it out to my network. Keep up the great work!

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