Copies of Patron Saints for Postmoderns, $9 shipped

Patron-Saints-for-Postmoderns-199x300Sorry to interrupt your day with an advertisement, but we authors have to eat too 🙂  If anyone is interested in receiving a copy of my Patron Saints for PostmodernsI can get it to you for $9, shipping included. Just let me know at that you’ll be sending a check, money order, or cash, and I’ll ship it right away, also providing my address for payment.

Yeah, I trust y’all.

Oops. I said $10 in my original title. Yup, I really meant $9. 🙂



3 responses to “Copies of Patron Saints for Postmoderns, $9 shipped

  1. Just a note: I’ve received a couple of checks and requests via email, etc. and intend to ship the books this coming week. I’ve been swamped trying to finish writing the new book. Thanks for ordering the old one! Let me know if you’d also like a copy of the new one and I’ll make you a deal on that one too (signed or unsigned–your preference).

  2. I need one. And I gather this is your way of cleaning house for the new book?

  3. Oh, I should have added: they’re brand spankin’ new. 🙂 and well shipped in padded packaging.

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