How can I find meaning in my work? A Twin Cities area October mini-conference addresses the question

Faith work t-shirtOne more post related to my faith-and-work activities. The Bethel Work with Purpose initiative team has put a lot of time and care into developing a well-resourced conference on work and vocation. The other day we sent out an invitation to pastors and seminary alumni, and I’d like to extend this invitation to Grateful to the Dead readers too. If this question of how our faith and work lives relate to each other, or questions about finding meaning and “a vocation” in work, engages you, please join us for this “mini-conference.” If you know someone who could benefit from the conference, please let them know:


I write to invite you to join us at MISSION:WORK, a mini-conference for workers and their pastors (, Thursday night, Oct. 10, and Friday morning, Oct. 11.

Recent Barna research shows that young adults of the Millennial generation who have remained active in their churches are three times more likely than those who “dropped out” to say they learned to view their gifts and passions as part of God’s calling (45% versus 17%). They are four times more likely to have learned at church “how the Bible applies to my field or career interests” (29% versus 7%).

The truth is: churches benefit in many ways from equipping their members–especially young adults–for applying their faith to their work. But “most churches,” says Barna president David Kinnaman, “leave this kind of vocation-based outcome largely at the door unless these students show interest in traditional church-based ministry.” What is needed, says Kinnaman, is “‘vocational discipleship’—a way to help Millennials connect to the rich history of Christianity with their own unique work God has called them to.”

What results can come from a renewed, biblical understanding of God’s purposes in our work! A sense of having our work affirmed by our church. New meaning, richness, and contentment even in difficult work situations. Opportunities to share about the church that has equipped us in this way. And new impact in the church’s community and city. It’s not just Millennials who need this!

Come join MISSION:WORK on Thursday night, Oct 10, and Friday morning, Oct 11. National experts and dynamic local speakers will show you how to engage your work life and those of your congregants in biblical, practical ways.

Yes, this conference is coming soon, but early bird registration is open at through Sept 30. That’s just $20!

We would love to see you and others from your church at MISSION:WORK. Register today at


Dr. Chris Armstrong

Director, Bethel Work with Purpose initiative

Professor of Church History, Bethel Seminary

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