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Holy Roman Emperor, Batman! A great opportunity to get on board with Christian History magazine


Friends, if you haven’t yet pulled the trigger on a free-with-encouragement-to-donate subscription to Christian History Magazine, now’s the time! Trust me, this upcoming Charlemagne/Christendom issue is both fascinating and gorgeous. Man, am I proud of the jobJennifer Woodruff TaitEdwin Woodruff TaitDawn Myers-MooreJennifer Trafton PetersonMeg Goddard Moss, and the rest of the Christian History team have done on this one. Sign up right away and you’ll soon be getting this in the mail.

Here’s the link with the skinny.

The revived Christian History magazine gets some press . . . and keep your eye out for the “Handbook of Christian Thought on Hell”!

Nice of Bethel University to recognize the re-starting of Christian History magazine. Yesterday Bethel posted the following on their internal website. Note the upcoming handbook (July) and issue (September) listed at the end of the article. The CH team is excited to be bringing them to readers; if you’re not on the mailing list, visit www.christianhistorymagazine.org and you can get on.

I’m especially excited about the little “Christian History Handbook of Christian Thought on Hell” that the intrepid Jennifer Trafton is putting together right now for printing next month. It will include a full timeline of Christian interpretations of the scriptural evidence on hell, profiles of key thinkers and their ideas, and a bibliography for further reading. (And I get to do the medieval profiles on folks like Anselm, Aquinas, and Dante.)

I hope many in the church who have been prompted by “the Rob Bell controversy” to look more deeply into this doctrine will find in this handbook a helpful guide to key ideas and sources. In keeping with Christian History‘s usual style, the handbook is intentionally descriptive rather than evaluative or argumentative (a rarity in this field), so, we hope, a particularly helpful resource for those looking for unbiased information on a controversial topic.

[UPDATE: Looks like the following is also on Bethel’s public website, here.]

Reviving Christian History

June 10, 2011 | 9 a.m.

By Heather Schnese

Chris Armstrong, professor of church history at Bethel Seminary
St. Paul, is managing editor of “Christian History” magazine

The magazine Christian History, formerly owned by Christianity Today International, ceased publication in 2008 due to recessionary pressures. But Christian History is now being published again thanks in part to Chris Armstrong, Bethel Seminary St. Paul’s professor of church history. Continue reading