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Sayers against “historicism gone to seed”

In a series a while back on www.christianhistory.net, “Grateful to the Dead: Diary of a Christian History Professor,” I argued that the enterprise of reading history and biography for the purpose of personal transformation has been under attack from a number of fronts, and that we ought to do everything we can to defend that enterprise. Now I discover that Dorothy L. Sayers, bless her, launched her own cautious, balanced defense of just this enterprise, against an enemy she calls “a ’sense of period,’” but which in scholarly circles (as she well knew) is called “historicism.” That is the idea that writings from the past are very much of their time, and we must not try to read them as if they weren’t. What Sayers correctly objected to was the sort of “historicism-gone-to-seed” that goes on to argue that since past writings are so much of their time, we cannot read them with benefit in our own time. But already I’m failing to do her justice, so, on to her own words . . . Continue reading

Paul Edwards’s God and Culture show–Detroit radio WLQV

Had a good 40-minute interview with Paul Edwards on Detroit radio WLQV this afternoon, talking about my Patron Saints for Postmoderns. Paul graciously posted links to the introduction and first chapter of the book, to this blog, and under “audio archives,” to the interview itself (click Oct. 15). You can find these all here. The interview starts at 68:30 in the mp3 file for the Oct. 15 show under “audio archives.” Note: the show web page doesn’t work properly with Mozilla Firefox–you’ll need to use Explorer, Chrome, or another non-Firefox browser or the audio archives section won’t show up.

Patron Saints conclusion

Thanks, Scot McKnight, for one more positive mention of the Patron Saints book.

Good afternoon, Chicago!

This week I got to flog my Patron Saints for Postmoderns in Chicago: a couple of taped interviews with Greg Wheatley of Moody Radio’s Prime Time America aired Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 29 and 30, in the second hour of that 5 – 6 pm show each day.

The chats are brief (about 8 minutes each) and cover the idea of saints, then Antony of Egypt, Dante Alighieri, John Newton, and Dorothy Sayers. The first half of the conversation can be found in this MP3 file, beginning at 31:10; the second half is in this file, at 31:00.

The inspiring Dorothy L. Sayers

Over at his Jesus Creed blog, Scot McKnight has reached the final figure of my 10 Patron Saints for Postmoderns, the provocative, eccentric, brilliant author Dorothy L. Sayers. Some good recommendations here, particularly in the comments, about what to read out of Sayers’s work, including her detective novels.

L.A. radio interview on Patron Saints book

Was interviewed on Frank Pastore’s drive-time L.A. radio show yesterday (relating to my book). The mp3 is at: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/FrankPastorePodcastFeed [UPDATE 11/16/09: file no longer available]

It’s the 5 pm Wednesday show, and my interview starts half-way through, then continues to the end of that hour (with a 5-ish minute break in the middle).

Here’s a direct link to the file (but I don’t know if it’s downloadable from this link): http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/FrankPastorePodcastFeed/~3/n9usorfxps4/FrankPastoreShow-Wed-5pm_09-16-2009.mp3 [UPDATE 11/16/09: file no longer available]

Great to be given this opportunity to stand up on my church history soapbox before 50,000 – 60,000 people. What can I say: I’m grateful to the dead, and I think everyone else should be, too!