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The African lion roars in the Western church

We Westerners usually think about African Christianity (if we think about it at all) as something “over there”–pretty much irrelevant to our daily doings. A few years back that all changed, as Western Anglican was forced to reckon with this new force to be reckoned with:

Christian History Corner: The African Lion Roars in the Western Church
Anglican liberals are fretting, conservatives rejoicing, and all are scrambling to their history books: whence this new evangelical force on the world scene?
Chris Armstrong

Eleven summers ago, the lion of African Anglicanism roared. Five years later, it bared its claws.

The summer of 1998 saw the every-ten-years Lambeth Conference of the worldwide Anglican communion absorbed with issues of human sexuality. At its meetings, African Anglicans led a campaign against the liberalizing of the church’s teachings on homosexuality. Continue reading