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Shades of the “Monkey Trial”! More on the Texas attempt to rewrite history in the state’s textbooks

Clearly the culture wars, whose early volleys ripped through the heated air of Tennessee summer during the infamous 1925 Scopes Trial, continue to bombard us in this 21st-century summer.

The Texas school board is rewriting American history, and the hackles, ire, and bile of journalists are rising to the occasion. Even rumors of corporate malfeasance on the part of BP haven’t elicited the sort of apocalyptic rhetoric you’ll find in the second of the two recent responses to “the Texas schoolbook massacre” here and here.

Are the critics overreaching themselves, or are we really experiencing the Armageddon of Reason?

Texas school board set to “Christianize” and “conservativize” textbooks

A couple of articles about the imminent change in history and social studies textbook standards in the state of Texas. Here’s MSNBC‘s take, and here’s the Christian Science Monitor‘s.

What do you–sorry, y’all–think?

And here is some further outraged commentary.