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Texas school board set to “Christianize” and “conservativize” textbooks

A couple of articles about the imminent change in history and social studies textbook standards in the state of Texas. Here’s MSNBC‘s take, and here’s the Christian Science Monitor‘s.

What do you–sorry, y’all–think?

And here is some further outraged commentary.

Six things I learned while writing about contemporary fundamentalism

Re-post from Christianity Today history blog:

Six Things I Learned While Writing about Contemporary Fundamentalism

Including why a movement planted in the North came to full flower in the South and the reasons real fundamentalists called Jerry Falwell “pseudo.”

by Chris Armstrong


A few months back I wrote the chapter-length essay “Fundamentalism: Contemporary” for the forthcoming Encyclopedia of American Religion, edited by Charles Lippy and Peter Williams (CQ Press/Gale). And six things about the American Protestant fundamentalism of the past few decades jumped out at me with new clarity. Continue reading